Spike® Transport


Our unique patented rack and pinion system allows the electromotive driving force to be transferred to the track slip-free and with 100% traction.

Spike Transport is a people mover that requires minimal space and permits a flexible route. The individual cabins accommodating up to eight passengers can travel at speeds up to 60 km/h even with short cycle times, allowing for high transportation capacities and short transit times.


With up to 60 km/h (40 mph) the Spike Peoplemover travels twice as fast as a traditional gondola.

High Inclinations

Making use of its 100% traction the vehicles can climb steep slopes with up to 45° inclination while a novel leveling systems keeps passengers horizontal.

High Capacity

Precise control of every single car allows short cycle times and thus many passengers per hour.

Tight Layouts

The minimal radii of the Spike Transport System are extremely small, both horizontally (3 m) and vertically (5 m). This provides opportunities to save space during layout and to reach places previously inaccesible.