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Since 1876, Maurer has been working from headquarters in Munich and today has over 1000 employees at six production sites around the world. In 1992, Maurer entered the development and production of Roller Coasters and other Amusement Rides with the takeover of the activities of Co. BHS / Anton Schwarzkopf. Maurer still provides service and spare parts supply for all Schwarzkopf coasters.

To focus on the roller coaster market, Maurer founded the subsidiary Maurer Rides GmbH in 2003, which today acts as a specialized and independent unit of the Maurer Group. Most of the production of the roller coasters takes place at the Munich site with Maurer SE as the main company.

Maurer Rides specializes in rail-mounted transport systems. In addition to roller coasters and related Amusement Rides, this includes passenger transportation systems and people movers as well as conveyor systems for the transport of goods.

As a manufacturer of roller coasters and other transport systems, Maurer Rides has since the beginning regularly pioneered the development of revolutionary new technologies, which later became the market standard. In 2004, for example, the Maurer X-Car was the world's first system for inverted rides without a shoulder restraint. Innovative track figures can be designed with the help of the self-developed multi-body simulation package XTRAC and the track tubes are bent three-dimensionally with the Maurer XBEND method in unprecedented precision. The introduction of the revolutionary Spike® drive technology represents a milestone in several sectors in the development and manufacture of roller coasters and other rail-bound transport systems.

Numerous awards and patents underline the status of technology and innovation leader.

Gebäude Maurer Rides

Maurer Rides

3.600 m² production area
1.000 m² office space



As a manufacturer of roller coasters and transport systems, we are always looking for innovation and improvement. A detailed risk analysis thereby forms the basis of every product development and its safety properties. In addition to long service life and ease of maintenance, the establishment of a high-quality and distinct design is always the focus of our development work. Numerous international design awards also confirm the high design quality of our products.

Automation technology in particular has developed rapidly in recent years. The connection of different hardware platforms leads to integrated systems, which leave no wishes open. In addition to networking between the plant's control systems and the framework of the operator, the combiation of control and multimedia appliances, as well as the use of smartphone apps and Internet applications, offers extensive possibilities for both roller coasters and people movers.

A highlight in the field of roller coasters certainly has been achieved in the development of our Spike® Racing vehicle, which combines speed-dependent and individual sound, touchscreen display, LED control and on-board video. Via the Spike® app, the end customerhas access to driving characteristics and results as well as to fully automatic video download.

The comprehensive Maurer XTRAC software platform is available to us for the customer-specific design and layout of roller coaster, people mover and material transport system tracks. By means of exact multi-body simulation, the dynamic loads on all relevant structural elements are determined. Extensive integrated optimization functions relieve the roller coaster designer of routine work during the creative process and automatically lead to an optimized track design.

Measurements on the real roller coaster track and comparison with the simulation results allow quality control of the production as well as continuous refinement of our simulation parameters.


Laser scan track surface examination


Designing a track with XTRAC


Dynamic simulation in XTRAC


Precise acceleration calculations


Via the Maurer XTOOLS interface, the track layout of the roller coaster is passed from XTRAC on to structural engineers to determine the load-bearing structure. XTOOLS automatically and error-free generates the 3D drawings as well as the production documents.

At the same time, the data are sent to the Maurer XBend system, which allows pipes with a diameter of up to 406 mm to be deformed extremely precisely in three dimensions. In the subsequent track production, this minimizes reworking and ensures the highest overall precision in the manufacture of roller coasters. For measuring, highly precise laser trackers and tachymeters are used.

In addition to the high-quality production of the steel structure, i. E. roller coaster supports with three-dimensional joints, regular tracks as well as special tracks with mechanical mountings, vehicle manufacturing is a further production focus. As a renowned welding company, Maurer has all relevant welding certificates (qualification class E). For mechanical processing of the frames after welding, machines with large working areas are available.
The entire production process, right up to painting with a process-proof hot-spray system and careful packaging of the components, can be carried out in-house.

The construction of the roller coaster on site, the cabling and the commissioning of the ride is supported by experienced supervisors or carried out completely turn-key.


Burn cutting, welding and mechanical machining for part-production


Precise 3D bending using the XBend technology


State-of-the art track production


Installation of the support structure


Lifting the vehicle on the track at the start of commissioning


Service Cycle En.jpg

Purchase of a new ride

  • TÜV -approval
  • Approval plan
  • Initial spare part package
  • Training
  • Documentation / Machine data sheet
  • Special tools
  • Information signs

Operation of the ride

  • 24hour Hotline
  • On-site service
  • Repairs
  • Large spare part warehouse
  • Fast & economical spare part shipping
  • Consulting & optimization
  • Bonus program

Quality management

  • Improvement controlling
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Inspections
  • Material tests (NDT)
  • Expert reports
  • Wear limits datas
  • ISO9001 / TÜV -certificate
  • Education classes for maintenance, repairing and operation
    • Factory training classes
    • Training classes on site

Communications management

  • Internet access (Customer Data)
  • Customer visits on site
  • Consulting
  • Trade fairs
  • Newsletter / X-Press

Product tracking

  • Ascertainment of sources of danger
  • Procurement of information
  • Ascertainment of cost reduction
  • Support in the event of damages / accidents
  • Risk management
  • Service Bulletins

Modernization / Sale

  • New design / Modifications
  • Further development
  • Retrofits
  • Expert opinions on value
  • Test of economic efficiency
  • Market research / study
  • Disassembly
  • Disposal
  • Sale of used rides / components