Welcome Home Mardi Gras

Maurer Rides welcomes Carnival’s newest ship, Mardi Gras, to her new home port at Port Canaveral, Florida. She has made an impressive appearance and we look forward to the first dramatic guest ride on Bolt, the first roller coaster at sea. [Learn more]

China spins: Loops without an inversion

Maurer Rides and China set an example: In Haiyan, China's first spinning coaster with a loop is being built without the passengers going inverted. Upon approaching the loop’s summit, a magnificent view over the Sunac Cultural Tourism City awaits. [Learn more]


Could Maurer Rides SPIKE Coaster become a new trend on cruise ships? The first roller coaster on a cruise ship is ready to go - but Covid is preventing its start. [Learn more]

Signature Tower ST 30

The innovative SPIKE® technology enables the design of new layouts not previously possible. Almost like calligraphy writing, the passengers fly smoothly upwards on a compact footprint. ST 30’s detachment from gravity is what makes such a varied layout possible in the first place, and its elegant appearance makes it the signature of any park. [Learn more]

Here comes Santa Claus..

Yes, Virginia, There is a Roller Coaster On a Cruise Ship – And Santa Claus Just Rode It Santa Claus took a break from his pre-Christmas festivities to venture down to Finland and take a test run on BOLT, the first-ever roller coaster at sea aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s new Mardi Gras which is being delivered at the Meyer Turku shipyard later this week. [Learn more]

Review - Bolt Presentation IAAPA 2019

Unfortunately, this year it was not possible for us to visit with our good industry friends at the IAAPA show. However, it is nice to remember what a wonderful time we had last year when Shaquille O’Neal and Ms. Christine Duffy from Carnival Cruise Lines presented Bolt, the first roller coaster on a cruise ship. [Learn more]

Project update Space Cruiser - Dream Cruises

Our project manager, Marco Hartwig, gave the NDR (North German television station) an insight into the progress of our Genting cruise ship project, Space Cruiser. The Spike vehicles are currently still running their test laps on the 303 m (995 foot) long roller coaster in the industrial area of Güstrow. This allows for vehicle control system improvements to be tested extensively before TÜV, a 3rd party safety inspection firm, can carry out the preliminary acceptance tests on land. Please see the NDR Report link in German > [Learn more]

New Spinning Coaster NYSM will enchant visitors to Motiongate Dubai.

The Lionsgate® Zone at Motiongate Dubai will be extended in 2021 with a very special roller coaster from Maurer Rides. With a top speed of 70 km/h, it will be the fastest spinning coaster using single cars. In addition, the coaster will have an absolutely special element - the Non Inverted Loop patented by Maurer will take passengers to lofty heights. Themed after the film Now You See Me (NYSM), the famous design studio FORREC will create the perfect illusion with this film in mind. [Learn more]


With the new issue of MAURER MAGazine, we want to focus on giving an insight into the whole Maurer Group. This is because besides roller coasters and Ferris wheels, MAURER is also a specialist in structural protection systems and equips the largest worldwide structures with structural bearings, expansion joints, earthquake devices and vibration dampers. Enjoy reading! [Learn more]

 New Indoor Spinning Coaster 3000 for Ukraine

Perfectly integrated, the 355m long Spinning Coaster winds its way through the Blockbuster Mall of Kiev. The roller coaster is the main attraction of the new Galaxy indoor park which, in combination with the shopping mall, makes shopping an experience. [Learn more]