17 Sept
1 Apr
Astm Meeting Feb23

See us at ASTM

The ASTM Safety Conference in Jacksonville, Florida USA will be attended by over 300 industry leaders, including Maurer Rides, from February 1-4. One of the topics of discussion is the worldwide trend of larger guests. Fundamental are the technical calculations to keep all guest sizes, large and small, safe.

2 Feb
10 Jan
Dec 22
221110 Celebrationin Vigo

Bolt - a roller coaster about to cross the Atlantic

The "BOLT™: Ultimate Sea Coaster™" the latest roller coaster from Maurer Rides is located on the upper deck of the Carnival Celebration , 57 m (187 feet) above sea level - and has completed its first rounds in Vigo's harbour under the Spanish sun before heading across the Atlantic. On the 20th of November, the cruise ship will arrive in Miami as part of Carnival Cruise Line's 50th anniversary celebrations.

Nov 22
X Coaster Magic Springs Usa News

Maurer Rides X-Coaster serves to train young aviation cadets

A trip to a theme park for an ultimate learning experience. The Civil Air Patrol cadets visited Magic Springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas to experience the effects of G-Force on the body by riding our X-Coaster. The X-Coaster also known as the SkyLoop model is an extreme roller coaster built in 2006 by the company Maurer Rides. 

Oct 22

Tegernsee Halfmarathon

Our Maurer Racing Team successfully completed the Tegernsee run (21.1 km) despite difficult weather conditions and steep climbs. A great panorama, drinks and pretzels eased the knee pain.

Sept 22