Mirabilandia Park’s world wide opening of the first Racing Roller Coaster

From now on, the riders at Mirabalandia Park in Italy can have their own race like the Superbike Championship. The "Desmo Race" is a development on the basis of the SPIKE® system from the Munich company, Maurer Rides. On two parallel tracks totalling more than 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) in length, guests have the opportunity to interactively accelerate their Ducati Panigale V4 design with 1.2g’s [Learn more]

Phoenix Coaster – Opening of a Spinning Coasters at Adventureland Park

Like the mythical Phoenix returning from the ashes, the Maurer Spinning Coaster drops 15 meters (49 feet) at up to 60 km (37 mph.) At 430 meters (1410 feet) of track length, the track ingnites a real fire storm as it whizzes by with its upper carriage turning 360° over mountains and valleys. The guest feels reborn upon returning the to the station. Maurer Rides congratulates and thanks the Adventureland, Iowa park for their great collaberation. [Learn more]

Future of Amusement Parks – KIKA TV

Reporter Felix from KIKA magazine is looking forward to the next roller coaster trends. Is everything already exhausted or can it go even higher and ever faster? When testing the Spike system in SkyLike Park, he learns more about what we can expect in the future. [Learn more]

ASIA Expo Shanghai

Maurer Rides is at the IAAPA Expo in Shanghai. Many thanks to all our visitors, guests and friends for the many interesting discussions. The Ducati bike was not the only thing spectular at our booth, but also the possibilities that can be realized with such a brand as a roller coaster. Let yourself be amazed with the Ducati Desmo Race at the Mirabilandia Park! [Learn more]

ASTM – Safety Discussions – Australia

Australia has been discussing adopting part or all of the ASTM safety requirements into their local standards. Having met with the Australian industry for many years as well as ASTM, Steve Boney with Maurer sales helped the ASTM, IAAPA safety and local Australians come together to discuss this important safety topic. [Learn more]

The Hi-Sky Ferris Wheel, Munich's new attraction

Hi-Sky Munich is a MAURER R80 XL Ferris wheel. With a total height of 78 meters, it is the largest transportable Ferris wheel in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. "Say hi to the sky" is the motto of Munich's slow take-off into the sky above Bavaria's metropolis. The trip takes a total of 30 minutes and offers its guests a unique view to as far as the Bavarian mountains. [Learn more]

Assembly area at Kirchheim branch doubled

In April 2019, we were able to further increase our production and storage area. Adjacent to our existing hall, we were able to rent additional hall space, which will offer us many options with regard to setting up optimized series production as well as testing. With this expansion, we are reacting to the good company development and would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers worldwide. [Learn more]

VDI News & Motorcycle Magazine

At the beginning of the year, two big magazines reported on the Spike Technology from Maurer Rides. On the one hand, the VDI-Nachrichten, trade journal for engineers and technology. And on the other hand, the Motorrad Magazin, the biggest public magazine for all motorcyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts. Especially the possibility to accelerate as interactively as on a Ducati motorcycle has found great interest. [Learn more]

Project overview added to our website

For our customers and fans, we have set up a new project overview on our website. There you can find all current projects as well as the previous ones. Depending on the setting, the attractions can be filtered by product category, country and year. Try it out! Since we would like to expand the platform in the future, ideas and suggestions are very welcome. [Learn more]

CAE Beijing – Booth E 22101

This year Maurer Rides will present its latest ideas at the New Expo area near Beijing Airport. Let yourself be inspired by the possibilities of the innovative SPIKE Coaster and learn more about our latest projects. Please reserve an appointment with us. We look forward to meeting you. 01-03 April, China International Exhibition Center. [Learn more]