Spike Fun Hero

Spike Fun

Platform of Excitement

Spike train for a huge range of fun experiences


The new Spike Fun complements the possibilities and strengths of the Spike Racing Coaster and is ready for a high transport capacity. Several rickshaws for two passengers sitting side by side can be coupled to form a train for up to eight people.

  • all-purpose multiple Launch up to > 1g
  • all-new energized thrill and upside-down elements
  • freely controllable speed & motion
  • energy efficient incl. recuperation
  • double power with an optional second engine
Spike Fun Infografik
Tilt Seat

Spike Tilt Seat

Controlled automatically or interactively by the passenger with the joystick, the seat tilts backwards and forwards during the ride. . Depending on the ride maneuver, this causes increasingly extreme seating positions and generates a completely new roller coaster feeling. Whether during take-off, camelback, loop, wheelie or jump - when the seat tilts, and surprisingly dynamically, it always feels different depending on the timing.

  • two tilt options - Interactively via Joystick, or pre-programmed automatically
  • two restraint options - Belt or Hip bar restraint, both allowed for upside-down elements
  • two seat styles – with and without headrest depending on whether thrill or family ride character


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