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Draft your tracks - free of physics  and technology. Unusual and unique track shapes ensure that every Spike® Coaster is unique and open up a whole world of possibilities for new roller coasters. Designers can really let their creativity run wild when creating new, innovative track shapes.

  • patented rack and pinion system
  • acceleration of more than 1g everywhere you want
  • high speeds and tight curves
  • precise speed and position control over the entire track
  • permanent energy on the wheels and on board
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Because the vehicles are freely controllable, it allows for unusual ride experiences such as traveling forwards and backwards, short, exciting stops, and the easy integration of show areas.

These can be fitted to various stories or quicker speeds when selected by riders. For example, a Family attraction during the day or a thrilling attraction at night.

  • versatile ride experiences
  • mix of dark & dynamic ride speed
  • synchronization with the theming
  • experience switchable for different target groups
  • adaptable to special events


Spike® consumes little energy even under maximum acceleration thanks to optimum efficiency and maximum recuperation.  Compared to a launch coaster with similar acceleration values, the current peaks are low. No flywheels or supercapacitors are required.

Through regenerative braking, the saved electricity can be used for the next vehicle or fed back into the park's power grid.

  • very high electrical efficiency
  • regenerative braking
  • comparatively low power supply value
  • cost-saving and environmentally friendly
  • reduction of the carbon footprint
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special features

Permanent energy supply and controllability of the vehicles make Spike Coaster ready for interactivity and gamification. Throttle, boost button and self-adjustable seat position are just a few examples of a completely new ride experience that can be actively shaped by the passenger. Competition and direct comparison between passengers lead to additional fun and excitement.

Extensive high-end multimedia features support the ultimate premium driving experience. From speed- and situation-dependent sound, a wide variety of lighting effects on the vehicle and track, individual information displays and a sophisticated on-board video system to smoke generators and other special effects that can be integrated on the vehicle, no wish is left unfulfilled.

  • real interactivity on the vehicle - control your ride yourself!
  • First-class, freely programmable sound
  • High-quality lighting and special effects to match the storyline
  • touch screens for free individualisation of the ride
  • brilliant video system in a class of its own