Spike Racing Hero 2

Spike Racing

World´s first interactive Roller Coaster

push the limits

Spike Racing brings the fascination of motorsports to the tracks and enables interactively controlled driving that pushes the limits of technology.

Maximum inclines, accelerating out of curves and many unique track figures offer a ride never experienced before.

A throttle and boost button for additional thrust, brake lamps that light up, speed-dependent, freely configurable ride sounds, on-board video and a touchscreen display — you can't squeeze any more equipment in — make the Spike Racing car a high- tech vehicle that is unrivaled in its class.

  • only real roller coaster that provides the rider with interactive speed control over the vehicle
  • brute, interactively controlled acceleration with more than 1g
  • extensive multimedia features included
  • unrestricted layout variety and unique theming possibilities
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Spike Racing Interaktiv

Spike interactivity

Spike Racing turns roller coasters into a sporting vehicle as well as a real-life computer game experience. Comparisons with other drivers and the incentive to learn to better master the equipment in order to get even faster and push the limits fan the fires of competition. Active driving is necessary, and turns the ride into an unforgettable experience, both for lone drivers as well as group events.

  • interactive speed control within freely programmable limits
  • self-adjustable driving experience to suit personal preferences and driving ability
  • time race and competitions
  • game elements such as boost tank fills, etc.

built-in multimedia

On-board permanent power and a multimedia PC coupled to the vehicle PLC control a range of additional features that make the ride a total experience for all the senses.

  • complete video system with different cams and an unmanned sale via App or vending machine
  • speed-, position- and event-dependent, freely programmable sound (2 x250 W speaker)
  • programmable front and brake lamps and other lights according to the theming
  • touchscreen with information for the rider about position, speed, acceleration and ride time
  • time measurement and display of ranking via monitors or app
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