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Spike Transport

Our unique patented rack and pinion system allows the electromotive driving force to be transferred to the track slip-free and with 100% traction. The transport of people or of material is done with the same technology and on the same track by using different load carriers.

Spike Transit

The Universal Peoplemover

Spike Transit is a peoplemover that allows almost any routing with minimum space requirements and also copes effortlessly with large gradients. Single or coupled cabs or differently designed passenger carriers travel the route at short intervals at up to 60 km/h, thus achieving high capacities and short travel times.

Spike Cargo

The High-Speed Transport System

Spike Cargo opens up a new dimension in conveyor technology. Even loads weighing tons are transported automatically and at high speed at up to 60 km/h, both indoors and outdoors, completely independent of weather conditions. Enormous gradeability and tight radii enable highly flexible routing from a few 100 m to several kilometers in length.



With a transport speed of up to 60 km/h (40 mph), the Spike® Transport is exceptionally fast, even with very large cabs and heavy loads.


Climbing Capability

Power transmission with 100% traction allows cabs and load carriers to handle routes with gradients of up to 45°, while a innovative leveling system keeps passengers and loads horizontal.


High Transport Capacity

Fast-response distance control and position tracking accurate to the centimeter enable enable short dispatch intervals even for high speeds. The resulting high throughput can be further increased by trailer coupling and train formation.


Flexible Layouts

The minimum radii of the Spike® Transport Systems are very small, both horizontally and vertically. This allows space-saving layouts to be realized that adapt to the terrain and existing buildings and simplify seemingly complex transport tasks.

Spike Peoplemover

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Spike Cargo