Bavarian Twister

Maurer Rides from Munich has developed an exceptional layout striking up the mood for the upcoming beer garden season. With Herzl, Brezn and a Twister the roller coaster offers a very special charm and esprit. This layout combines tradition and modern trend! Only the new SPIKE drive system turns the craziest ride elements into reality. Please contact us, if you also have an unsual idea that you want to realize.

The SPIKE transport brochure is now available. Let it surprise you! Explore the possibilities of the new SPIKE transport world. Whether as a mountain rail for ski resorts, feeder in shopping malls or terminals; the range of application extends from the curvy feeder system to the visitor train in summer as well as winter for site development of sensitive areas .Order the brochure in the print version or download it here: [Learn more]


Sports, airtime or comfort mode - SPIKE offers individual speed profiles for each target group. Throttle and boost button provide additional thrust, speed-dependent, freely adjustable driving sound, onboard video and touchscreen display – more options can`t be found in other systems and makes the Spike Race a high-tech special class vehicle.

A New Addition to the Maurer Team

As of May 1, 2017, Torsten Schmidt is back at Maurer Rides and is responsible for business development. After working in product development, marketing and project management for many years, he will now take on new challenges at Maurer as well as support the sales team that includes Jörg Beutler, Hermann Bockhorni, Steve Boney and Lifeng Ge.

Spike Airtimer

The "Spike Airtimer" shows yet another standard layout and what is possible in the area of lifting forces with the new Powered Coaster technology. Four camelbacks are integrated on a compact base of 65m x 20m and a track length of approx. 300m guaranteeing an exciting and extraordinary airtime experience. A capacity of 500 pph can be reached with four vehicles and increased by using additional vehicles.

Spike Racing with a Racing Car Design

The adjoining conceptual design of a racing car shows that not only the classic saddle or motorcycle seat themes are possible with our Spike Racing. The seat and other ergonomic components of the standard spike have been adapted and supplemented with typical racing car elements. In this way, the two-seater can be modified with any car design to become an interactive fun ride on the monorail track.

40 engineering, mathematics, physics, and IT students at the ETH Zurich have set themselves the goal of winning the annual Elon Musk’s Space X Hyperloop Pod Contest. They have time till the end of this summer to finish the first Swiss prototype of a hyperloop pod and then join other finalists from all over the world in California to compete at maximum speed in a 1,25km long semi-vacuum tube. Maurer Rides supports the team with the delivery of high-speed wheels. [Learn more]

Spike presented at the CAE in Beijing

The Spike ® system was introduced for the first time also in China at the CAE in Beijing from March 18th to 23rd. In addition to the innovative Powered Coaster with its outstanding acceleration and interaction possibilities there was an especially strong interest in the Maurer Spinning Coaster for diverse projects.

Spike offers remarkable Options

Along with its standard, futuristic racing design, the Spike offers one-of-a-kind extremely realistic theming possibilities. Due to its fully lined chassis this system sets only a few boundaries to the development of unusual or curious designs –all vehicle forms or animals that you can ride are especially good prototypes. The tractor theming image here displays a sample of the spectrum and innovation of the design options.

100th Maintenance Training Participant

Mr. Andy Cowie (on the left) was distinguished as the 100th successful participant of a Maurer maintenance course the British leisure park Chessington World of Adventures. Mr. Christian Junghans, electric and controls engineer and customer support manager at Maurer Rides (on the right) presented the certificate.